How times flies!


Wow! And here was me thinking I’d be blogging every single day, all the time…not quite possible when wifi is as limited as rain-free days, in this remote part of the UK. There is however, no denying the beauty of this most awesome location. The Lake District really is a beautiful place to be.

Early starts, packed days and late nights have kept us all on our toes; as too have the open and frank conversations. It is a testament to the group that we are continuing to engage in deep discussions about issues that affect us on a personal, social and indeed political level. I am proud that we have created an environment where we feel comfortable to talk about some very uncomfortable topics. There is no denying that we are unable to come to a solution for every conversation, but over the past few days we have been able to express ourselves nonetheless and that to me is an experience in itself.

‘Two Scenes’ was a great sessions and one that really invited us into one another’s lives and personal experiences. This was a very telling session, in that as a group we felt comfortable in sharing some of our most private and intimate moments in our lives thus far. It was both an honour and privilege to partake and share in such a warm and confiding environment.

These are just some of the many scenes caught on camera…


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