Let me take you on a Journey of Understanding…


Let me take you on a Journey of Understanding; the realm of the unknown;
was apprehensive at first, but it soon felt like home.
Thought I was ready for most things, thought I was fully grown;
until I connected with people from the other side of the world;
until I realized I wasn’t alone.
Was so caught up in my own wars to care about anyone else’s;
out of sight out of mind, wasn’t even aware that I was being selfish.
Too consumed in my own problems, too consumed in my own grief;
until other people shared their own struggles, as a way of release.
If the outdoor activities didn’t test me hard enough, the workshops definitely did.
Exploring every emotion possible, and embracing my inner kid.
As the days went on and the bonds got stronger, I didn’t want the journey to end.
It seemed like fate had brought me here, and into a world that I couldn’t comprehend.
That being said, it was a beautiful experience and one that I will cherish forever.
It gave me an opportunity to break down my walls, to change for the better.
And so we’ve come to a close, though the journey is only getting started.
So let me take you on a Journey of Understanding; and see what you’ve imparted.
Peace and Balance.
Jemila, London, November 2013.
group photo


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