You’ve got mail!

writing letters

As they left the Lake District on the last day of their JoU, in November 2013, participants wrote themselves a letter to reflect on their journeys, which I promised to send them one spontaneous day months later…and I did! What a lovely surprise not only for them to receive their letters, but too the positive feedback we’ve received about their journeys as a whole

In this wonderful era of ‘selfies’, we thought it only befitting to hop on the bandwagon and have participants take one, with their letters. They have also rather sweetly, shared a line from their very personal letters.



Georgia (UK)

My letter brought tears to my eyes and made my hairs stand on end! “Don’t forget the love, trust, pride, honour and all the stories…The tears, fears and courage in others.” Georgia


Sanah (UK)


Claire (USA)

“Getting the letter in the mail took me back to a completely different place and time, away from the day-to-day routine. Reading the letter, I again felt the peace and calm of the surrounding woods and lake. I felt the camaraderie of my peers from around the world and I felt the memories of the week that influenced me to look at the world with a wider scope.” Claire 


Ameed (Samaritan)


Abood (Samaritan)

“I did stuff that are just incredible, life-changing and physically and mentally testing!” Abood

Yair 1

Yair (Israel)

“The Journey of Understanding wasn’t only a wonderful, fun experience where I met the most awesome people; more importantly, it has opened my mind to things I’ve never thought about before, and sent me on a new way.” Yair


Ben (Israel)

“Experience, think, feel and get excited those amazing things like the beginning!” Ben

taylor 2

taylor 1 Taylor (USA)

“No one is the same and that may just be the most extraordinary concept of life” Taylor


Salma (UK)

“I am who I am today because of the adventures and journeys that life has taken me on. I am glad that life took me on this journey” Salma


One response to “You’ve got mail!

  1. Alexander Braden

    Well done Lucy!

    Good way to reconnect with our alumni. And the quality of the selfies is generally quite impressive!

    Kindest regards

    Yours aye

    Alex Braden +33 680 86 87 95 +39 33 43 08 70 52 (Italy)


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