Five years on…

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Woah!!! Its been five year since I went on the Journey of Understanding!

I was 16, confused and awkward. I‘m now 21, still a bit confused and a little awkward, but hey ho, I am happy and enjoying all that life throws me!

Encompass is one of my main sources of inspiration in life. It showed me that the key to positive change in society is through the empowerment of young people and it was for precisely this reason that I decided to pursue a degree in Community Development and Youth Work.

The impact that Encompass has had on my life has not just stopped there. Through my voluntary work with Encompass as well as other organisations, I have come to the realisation that upon the completion of my degree, I would like to pursue International Reconciliation and Community Cohesion as my career path.

The Journey of Understanding was a life changing experience for me. Whenever, I talk about my JOU I always say that I think its something all young people need to do. Of course I understand that not every young person in the world can go on the JOU but I am extremely passionate about spreading the knowledge that I gained from my Journey.

My drive to spread the teaching of Encompass was reinforced after my experience with Encompass Indonesia. It was an amazing feeling to see that a programme that we created was such a great success. We went to Indonesia because we wanted to and plant seeds of the teachings of Encompass in different communities and I truly believe we succeeded.

I would like to support the planting of these seeds in the UK, the teaching of Encompass are needed now more than ever in the UK and I am determined to help instill these teachings in as many young people as I can reach. It was for this reason that I applied for an internship with Encompass. So watch this space! I have many fun and exciting projects coming up so follow me on my prolonged Journey of Understanding!

Aisha, UK, Nov 2010


One response to “Five years on…

  1. Alex Braden

    Thanks Aisha – an inspiring Diary entry!

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