An unforgettable experience…

Being part of Encompass Trust is something so great for me. I had the best experience ever till now. I got to meet new people, make new friends and had great time while learning a lot about others in the world, how to make myself a better person in the future and how to understand the human being more. I will never forget this experience and really hope to have it one more time in the future. I never thought I would meet people from other parts of the world, from other countries and origins, but I did and it was so pleasant and unforgettable.

One of my best moments was when I had the conversation about the conflict, not just the Palestinian- Israeli conflict, but ‘conflict’ in its full meaning. The idea of putting myself in another persons shoes had taught me a lot. Good people are still here in the world and I had the best chance to meet them in Encompass.

Thanks to everyone who did so much for us. Thanks to Helen for being the greatest facilitator for all of us and thanks to Karen for giving me this chance.‎

Diala, Palestine, JoU February 2016


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