A different cup – a special brew!

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‘Diversitea’ is a monthly social event in which young people meet new people and engage in dialogue on topical and pertinent contemporary issues over a cup of tea. Last month we held our first ‘Diversitea’ in partnership with Aik Saath’s Empowered. It was phenomenal event with over forty young people in attendance.The theme for the inaugural event was ‘Refugee-hood’ and the event begun with a very warm Encompass welcome and a presentation by Slough Refugee Support for whom the event raised £50.

As people came in to the event they were given a quiz, which aimed to dispel negative stereotypes of refugees and highlighted the contributions refugees have made to the UK. The event attracted a host of talented spoken word performers and rappers from London, Slough and surrounding areas. Performances were complimented with a quiz my co-host Declan and I ran throughout the evening; ensuring the event was more than just the sharing of poetry but also the sharing of knowledge. The event was serine and the array of delectable Ahmad teas complimented the calm atmosphere.

If you like what you are reading and have some creative words to share on next months theme of, ‘Heroes’, come along to our second Diversitea on Saturday 2nd April at 3pm at the the YES Shop, 61, Queensmere Shopping Centre,  High Street, Slough.

Remember to bring your own mug and share with us some tea, coffee, poetry and a lots of inspiration!



One response to “A different cup – a special brew!

  1. This is an excellent idea. Would love to try it here. Karen-Palestine

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