Beyond the JoU – Encompass retold…

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The Journey of Understanding really is an introspective journey that leaves participants with a better and more rounded view of not only themselves, but too those around them. One of the things we feel is really important for our participants to take home is the skills and learning they themselves undertake whilst on the JoU and it is truly warming when these skills are put back into use by participants themselves in their very own communities and surroundings. As has been exactly the case, time and time again in Palestine, where previous participants recreate mini-workshops for young people in Tulkarem and beyond. This series of workshops were titled, ‘Creating the Story of Your Life’.

Diala(JoU, Feb 2016) began the workshop by giving identity pertinent questions to the group with the ‘Speed Dating’ activity.This got them thinking about both personal and community identity. After the activity she debriefed them, and handed the group over to Hend(JoU, Nov 2012), to learn story telling skills. Then Tamera(JoU, Feb 2015) and Khaled (JoU hopeful and our resident artist) instructed the group on making identity posters, to be included in a further project the group are running.

Take a look at the slideshow of pictures from recent workshops run by these amazing, inspirational and very creative young people and watch this space for more exciting projects all the way from Palestine!

At Encompass we are striving to work hard to empower young people to not only be, but too make the positive change they hope to see in society. Our work would not be possible without the generous donations of our supporters. Please help us to continue our work to make this world a more cohesive and peaceful place to be, by donating today.


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