4th Annual Bhineka Camp & Encompass Awards 2016

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It’s all happening over the pond at Encompass Indonesia…

Encompass Indonesia have continued their amazing work towards peace and understanding! Their fourth Bhineka (peace) Camp took place at Petungsewu Wildllife Education Center in Malang, between 8th and 15th May 2016. The programme saw 15 males and 9 females coming together to develop dialogue on issues surrounding identity, stereotypes and conflict; overcoming challenges, and working together withothers to promote multi-cultural understanding and tolerance in Indonesia. Two facilitators, a programme coordinator and many other volunteers made sure that the programme went off well. Participants came from several provinces in Indonesia including North Sumatra, West Borneo, West Papua and East Java.

Enthusiasm from participants was high, and many reported that the programme opened their minds to ideas around tolerance, empathy, team work, solidarity and equality.

The Encompass Indonesia ‘Award’ was also recently given to five outstanding people who have supported Encompass Indonesia and helped enable all their good work this year. Winners were chosen by the Encompass Indonesia team and included an artist, an academic, and a number of cultural experts who have provided valuable input.

Meanwhile, the ‘House of Understanding’, Encompass Indonesia’s multi-faith hub and meeting centre for community cohesion, carries on gathering momentum.


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