Contemplating Change

blog AdiI came back to Israel with a deep urge “to do something”. What? I didn’t know. The phrase “to do something” does a lot of justice to how I felt then and even to how I am feeling now: the reality is complex, our reality is so complex – so what can I do? How do you start dealing with different wrongs and impatience?

In the past, part of my answer was escape, or escapism. It’s easy to become apathetic and try to live my life the best way I can. I have nothing to do with those sad stories around us.

So I started teaching Hebrew asylum seekers from Eritrea, in order to ease their difficulties and to fulfill my need to do something and spread good around me. With that saying, I keep thinking that “Be the change you want to see in the world” is not enough anymore. We can’t settle just to this and we need actively support good initiatives and ideas.

I really like teaching Hebrew and to make connections between communities better – and I keep looking for my chance and opportunity to do something bigger.

Adi, Israel, JoU February 14


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