Encompass hits the heights!

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Encompass’s role is to challenge those who come on our programmes.  Last week, however, it was our supporters and alumni that we challenged – to climb Snowdon to raise money for the charity.   They rose to the challenge (and to the top of the mountain). At 1,085 metres, Snowdon is the highest mountain in Wales and quite a trek, and none of our fundraisers had ever been to the top before – apart from Laurie and Lyn, but that doesn’t count because they previously got there on the train!  Our climbers comprised ex-participants and those who knew young people who had benefited from our work, together with some long-time supporters and donors.

Haleema, who was a participant on the Journey of Understanding in 2013, says,

It was 7 years since I last climbed a mountain and I was worried I would struggle so, like any good lass, I started training a month prior to it. Of course this isn’t great when you live in a very flat ground area, so you can imagine my awe when I finally arrived at the foothills and thought ‘my word’ and ‘how exactly am I going to get up this?!’ But somehow I managed it and I think that’s a real testament to the amazing individuals I was trekking with.  Encompass has a way of bringing out kindness and generosity in people, in spirit and friendship and a real sense of comradery. I always found that whoever I was with would slow down for me, or wait and just continue to speak to me when I was struggling and I know that’s why I managed to reach the top. So thank you everyone  🙂

All our team made it to the top and felt justifiably pleased with their efforts, although some did say they felt a little inadequate alongside walkers for another charity who had carried a 200 kilo metal dinosaur to the summit!  It was a great day and we are already starting to think about the next challenge.

Our fundraisers have raised £2474 so far.  If, like us, you think it was pretty amazing achievement and want to add to their fundraising efforts, here are some of their Just Giving pages:










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